Revel iPad POS System - The Future of Point of Sale! 

BlueBird is the certified reseller of  Revel Systems iPad point of sale, bringing it to Restaurants, Cafes and Retailers across London and the UK. 

Revel iPad POS is the cash register of the 21st century. Easy to set up, Revel's ePOS software provides up-to-the-minute reporting to track the sales at your restaurant, grocery or retail store in real time and enables you to run your business more profitably and efficiently. There is no back-of-the-house server needed, no mandatory contracts, and no hidden fees or charges. Join the REVELution! 

Click the following links for information on how Revel by BlueBird can help your specific industry:

Coffee Shops  Restaurants  Retail  Bars & Pubs  

Frozen Yogurt





A host of ePOS reports that are instantly available and accessible anywhere at anytime.


Centralized management

Manage and monitor your ePOS system through a central management website.

Secure cloud computing

No longer need a back office server to store your data. The online cloud stores it for you.


Always scalable solutions

From small businesses to large enterprises, Revel Systems iPad POS is a comprehensive, scalable solution.