Bluebird helps merchants grow with innovative technology products and expert implementation advice. We work with restaurants and retailers of all sizes, implementing our range of results-focused, cloud based technology products. Acting as a full service provider, we’ll help with all the details, from WiFi networking to payment processing.

Point of Sale Systems

BlueBird supplies sophisticated flexible tablet based mobile cash register technology tailored to the hospitality and retail industry.

Pre-Purchase Advice

BlueBird will advise you as to which solution is the best suited to meet your specific business needs. Our POS software packages are built specifically for business type and are customizable  and scalable.

Hardware Sales

BlueBird supplies you a seamless solution with a pre-configured ePOS hardware package. We select the best hardware required for your business ensuring your business is running at its full potential.

Systems Installation

Our team offers professional system installation and configuration to get you started and up and running right away. We also offer data entry services to ensure all your existing information is uploaded to your new system.

Systems Training

It’s one thing buying the best system on the market, but do you know how to use it? Our professional BlueBird team will train and show you how to achieve the best ROI from your new system in no time.

Systems & IT Support

BlueBird offers full systems and IT support either onsite or by remote access. We also provide unlimited support and maintenance agreements, ensuring your system runs to its maximum potential at all time.