Point of Sale systems are a mainstay for a wide array of brands, from restaurants to cafes to retailers – but there is a common problem area for many, many employers when initiating their payments processor. Here are the facts shedding some light on this gray area that you, the business owner, may not be familiar with yet.


Exactly what T&Cs are you signing?

  • Employers have oft fallen into the trap of a merchant processing agreement contract without fully understanding all its conditions. Not all are malignant, but unfortunately, there are contractors who will sell payment processors and the corresponding services without going over the full conditions of the agreement with you. Since these agreements are often tedious, long documents full of legal jargon, and -and this is where many go wrong- the temptation to just skip to the end to sign is often given into.
  • As a direct result, the HIDDEN FEES that contractors have snuck into these signed agreements become the norm for many businesses – these consist mainly of authorisation fees which are 100% for profit margin. Mastercard and Visa will never see these monies. And neither will you.
  • In light of such hidden fees such as interchange downgrades and rate fluctuations (which are indeed part of the industry game) – if a sales rep has quoted you a low, low interchange price without going over the fluctuations that occur with different types of cards: flee. [This article by Merchant Maverick outlines exactly how you may be losing out from interchange downgrades.]
  • PCI compliance fees are another feature of these agreements where employers are getting ripped off, with rates almost x7 the standard fee at Bluebird.


We should add that setting up the hardware and software for a payments system alone will cost a tidy sum. With industry vendors offering a plethora of different types of hardware and software, it’s vital that you as an employer fully understand exactly what business goals and capacity you need to hit, so that you’re not being sold more than you actually need.




As the longest servicing iPad POS supplier in the UK, Bluebird Global has:

  • a wide understanding of the risks that brands and employers face when it comes to hidden fees
  • a solid grasp of the gaps in the payments processing industry where payment operators simply do not understand the needs of our clients.


As of the last quarter of 2015, Bluebird Global has moved into the payments processing industry, and already had much success proving to our clients that they don’t need to be bleeding financially whilst running their businesses. Here are just a few of the ways we’re doing that:


  • Many of those aforementioned set-up fees earlier are completely for-profit; ones we ourselves do not charge
  • Our experience and understanding of this industry means we can walk you through exactly what your brand needs, and not what an average contractor would have you believe
  • We offer full POS integration with Revel and other systems, dramatically speeding up service and reducing error
  • Our Transaction Reporting means you have your own personalised dashboard that will manage, reconcile and report all the transactional activities of your business
  • We have a team of experts dealing in the payments industries, as well as the revolutionary iPad POS systems that have quickly gained a deserved reputation for offering businesses affordability, reliability and flexibility in a mobile world. Check out how we work with restaurants, retail, pubs/bars, and more.
  • We also offer flexibility in payment times – Worldpay tends to take 3+ at the end of the month to settle card payments, but this method could be a bad omen for small businesses. To resolve this tension, we offer payment settlement in 2+ days, either daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the client’s preferences.
  • We can also process offline payments, and this includes Apple Pay, Contactless, Swipe and Chip & Pin, (one of our experts can give you the exact variations of rates in a private demo or call).


And finally,





That means we will be saving you the .4% rate that many, many contractors are slipping into your payment processing systems. 

For more information on how Bluebird can help your business adapt the most cost-effective payments processing system, feel free to book a free consultation, or drop us an email at