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The Story

Bunnychow opened its first permanent venture in Soho in November 2014. Started by Atholl Milton, the budding franchise looks to bring the popular South African ‘bunny chow’ to the British public. A concept developed in Durban, South Africa in the 1940s, Indian workers created the bunny chow as a way to carry food with them to their work on plantations.

Bunnychow offers unique food offerings in London and has proved to be extremely successful; it was voted most innovative breakfast by the Best Breakfast Awards 2015. We spoke to Kalpdrum Raval, Commercial and Information Manager at Bunnychow, about his experience with Bluebird.

Intuitive System

With the management team only experienced in the world of traditional, PC based epos systems and new to the benefits of a cloud based pos system, Bunnychow were pleasantly surprised how easily they could now train employees, make menu changes and customise the system to their unique needs. The staff at Bunnychow love how easy it is to use and it has worked well with customers too.

“The system is extremely intuitive. It does not require extensive training to understand and is simple to operate.” Kalpdrum Raval, Commercial and Information Manager, Bunnychow

Easy to Update

If Bunnychow ever needs to update its menu, add certain ingredients or shift around the menu, the cloud-based backend ensures the process is quick and painless.

Although cloud-based products are fairly new to the market it’s well developed and is constantly coming up with modifications and improvements.

“It is extremely easy to update and unlike older systems, does not undergo some sort of massive process to do so.” Kalpdrum Raval

Bluebird Expertise

Constantly striving to find the best solutions for our clients, Bluebird works with multiple market-leading technology solutions in hospitality and retail. We also keep clients updated on the latest modifications and offer them support on transitioning from older payment systems.

“We have dealt directly with Angus, and he keeps us updated on what the latest products are and advises us on what technology we should implement so we know what is going on in the industry.” Kalpdrum Raval

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