The Story

Conceived by Georgie Reams and Ed Foy, Press aims to bring cold pressed juices to London. The premise of this venture is that while many aspire to be healthy, it is extremely difficult to maintain a healthy diet when you’re busy. Cold-pressed juices are an easy and efficient way to add nutritional value to your everyday diet. Taking London by storm, the Press model has been extremely successful. We spoke to Operations Manager, George Phillips about Press’s experience with Bluebird. As clients for both Bluebird and SimpleOrder, we were able to get great feedback.

Easy to Update, User-Friendly and Great Reporting

When Press incorporated our POS system into their day-to-day sales, they were pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Used to manually calculating data and having to undergo tedious processes to update products and information, Bluebird was a welcome change. The extremely intuitive and manageable system has been a great help to the staff at Press. George told us his three most favourite features.

“The three best features are: the ease of updating products and information in the system, it’s user-friendly interface for both front of house and back-end staff and it’s easy to access and detailed reporting.” George Phillips, Operations Manager

Versatility of SimpleOrder


SimpleOrder is a must for managing your back of house. Press use SimpleOrder for internal ordering and managing supplies of their product from their kitchen. It has been an extremely useful tool in this respect and has made the ease of ordering much easier and more efficient.

“SimpleOrder has been great for us on multiple levels. The ability to add numerous wholesale clients is particularly useful and the pricing groups and varieties functions are very useful.” George Phillips

Quick Response Support Team

Bluebird strives to find the best solutions for our clients, working with various platforms that offer market-leading technology solutions in hospitality and retail. We aim to be a support base to our clients and are always ready to help solve any problems. Press has always had a very positive experience with us.

“We’ve always had a really great experience with Bluebird. Angus, Nick and the team are always very swift and helpful at responding to any queries or issues.” George Phillips

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