The Attendant

The Story

Evolving from a former Victorian toilet into an espresso and food bar, the Attendant is one of the most unique coffee shops in London. The Attendant was also the first Bluebird customer in UK and so our relationship with them has been from the very beginning. Although not the original owner, Bosh McKeown bought over the Attendant in late 2013 and acquired a second location 8 months later, with the Attendant Shoreditch opening in April this year.

With aggressive expansion plans, the coffee franchise plans on opening three more locations within the next year – in City, Covent Garden and Soho with 22 sites following over the next 5 years. Having recently started roasting their own coffee, they have in-house control over their products. The Attendant offers freshly brewed artisan coffee as well as various other treats though the coffee is the highlight. We spoke to Attendant owner, Bosh McKeown, about his experience with Bluebird.

Ability to Categorise

The clear distinction between coffee shops and full-service restaurants is slowly blurring. The Attendant not only provides take out coffee and seating but also food- both as an accompaniment and full course based dining. Granular reporting, inventory management and effortless and instant menu changes are a key component in the Attendant’s ability to react quickly to changing trends and prices.


“The system allows you to separate breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the items and categories are easy to update.” – Bosh McKeown, Owner, The Attendant

Compliance with Allergen Laws

With the new allergen regulations, restaurants and cafes have to be extremely careful and be able to readily provide information on allergens to customers.

“The system is useful because it’s easy to put in a note on allergens for our products so we can always answer customers’ queries on allergens.” Bosh McKeown

Sleek system

Bosh had never worked with a cloud based payment system before, but says that he prefers it to the traditional ePOS system. The Attendant has been with Bluebird from the very beginning, with multiple tills at both locations. In terms of the design, the system suits the Attendant’s modern but quirky atmosphere. Not only is it efficient and easy to update, it’s also “cool”.


“We’ve actually had a number of customers compliment our system. They are fascinated by the iPads, which are much sleeker and cooler than the traditional ePOS systems they’ve seen before.

In the current climate technology is extremely important, so we need a system that can keep up with customers’ demands.” –  Bosh McKeown

Quick Response Team

As point of sale systems become ever more critical to merchant operations, peace of mind is not just a nice-to-have but a necessity. Bluebird’s local support team and 24/7 support availability keep Bosh happy and the Attendant running smoothly.

“If we’ve had doubts or problems with anything the Bluebird team is always ready to help and available to meet me or answer any query.” Bosh McKeown

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