Franchise iPad POS for Enterprise


Running an enterprise-scale business means keeping track of a lot of details. Bluebird’s Franchise Management product offering ensures owners stay up to date on all locations, as well as on their business as a whole.

Bluebird works with the only iPad based POS systems proven at scale, installed in chains of up to 150 stores. See how Sonoma Bakery benefited by using iPad POS:

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In addition to Enterprise Reporting, our systems offer various features which help franchise owners keep track of their business:


  • Master/Child Setup: With this feature, business owners set up a master location and create subsequent establishments with settings that mirror the master location. The master location can control settings and menu setup for the other locations, but each location has its own set of reporting. This enables individual locations to have access to all the benefits of Bluebird’s reporting, while giving the owner the ability to have a comprehensive view of his or her business.

  • User Access Control: This feature allows the business owner to limit backend access for franchise owners on an individual basis. For example, the owner might want to limit how much data an individual franchisee has access to, such as sales reports for other franchises. A series of check-boxes on the backend allows owners to control which reports individual franchise owners can see.
  • Monitor All Locations: As stated above, owners of enterprise-level businesses have a lot of details to keep track of. Bluebird’s Franchise Product Offering Management ensures owners can keep track of all their locations, and view reports from a comprehensive or individual standpoint. Monitor which locations are doing well, and which aren’t, and analyse the data to determine how best to make your business thrive.
  • Open API Access: Our systems feature a comprehensive and open API available for your use. Connect existing management systems, CRMs, ERPs and everything in between to our iPad POS with ease. The cloud based nature of iPad POS allows constant access to crucial business data 24/7 without the need for physical servers to manage.

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