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Bluebird’s systems are certainly the sleekest and most effective method to build your frozen yoghurt business and to maintain a competitive edge. Our POS systems track and report on all business activities, including employee tracking, scheduling, payroll, inventory management, and detailed sales reporting.

Business owners can keep tight control over their incoming revenues and outgoing costs, and grow their business like never before. Moreover we work with the only iPad POS system to integrate directly with a food-safe scale.

Features and Advantages

  • The food scales are integrated into your iPad POS guaranteeing that a seamless communication with your iPad POS. It ensures not only a high margin of profitability, but also keeps your business safe from inordinate fees for not using the correct hardware. With BlueBird, all hardware is selected and configured for you, leaving you to do what you do best–running your frozen yogurt shop.
  • The Inventory management keep track of your topping and knows when to reorder more, by setting automatic alerts. 
  • With the Social media integration, share your specials and promotions on social media to increase your customer base.
  • Reward your loyal customers and keep track of their being habits with the integrated loyalty programs.
  • The Employee scheduling allows you to send schedules via email and receive notifications when they are accepted. Owners can also monitor and manage employee information such as payroll.

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Frozen Yoghurt POS Clients
  • Bluebird’s intuitive and attractive UI makes our POS system easy to learn and easy to use. This translates into less training time, and higher productivity.
  • The suite of detailed reporting, including sales and ingredient-level inventory, are available on the cloud—and therefore accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • As with all of Bluebird’s iPad POS products, your Frozen Yoghurt POS system is entirely secure and PCI compliant.
  • Bluebird’s iPad Point of Sale is entirely scalable with your business, and is with you all the way as you grow from corner yogurt shop to a multinational chain.
  • The True Offline Mode ensures your business will not suffer any slowdown or loss of functionality even in the event of a power or Internet outage. Continue to process payments and orders as normal, and data will re-sync with the cloud once power returns.

iPad POS System Features

Real-Time Reporting

A host of web-based ePOS reports that are instantly available and accessible anywhere, at anytime.

Centralized Management

Manage and monitor your whole business, including all your sites, through a central management website.

Secure Cloud Computing

No longer need a back office server to store your data. The secure and backed-up online cloud stores it for you.

Scalable Solutions

From small businesses to large enterprises, Bluebird provides a personal, hands-on approach to supporting your business.

Always On

Always-On technology keeps your business running smoothly and without interruption in the event of internet cut out.


Connect your existing business systems with pre-built integrations like Xero, Magento & Quickbooks.

Customer Data

Identify, capture and reward your best customers with built-in functionality for loyalty schemes, CRM, social media and Yelp.

Local Support

Our local support team is based out of our central London office, always just a phone call away.

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