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Quicker Quick Service…

We could tell you how Bluebird’ EPOS Systems’ native iOS architecture works to make it the fastest iPad EPOS on the market. But we’d much rather show you the benefits in person, you can book a demo with us here.

Infinitely customisable menu screens, instant screen changes, integrated payments and intuitive interfaces make our iPad EPOS system perfect complements to your QSR operation.

Add in an integrated Kitchen Display System, integrated Digital Signage options, an open API and industry leading reporting. Bluebird can advise you how how to increase the efficiency of your QSR business. 

Complex Combos & Effortless Up-Sells

Effective pricing and discounting strategies are the key to profitability in a quick service setting. With Bluebird’s EPOS Software, you’ll be able to easily create sophisticated combination products and discounting options, all backed by comprehensive data for you to analyse and improve on your offers. Setup up-sell prompts throughout the order to ensure your staff maximise revenue per head.

Obsessively Robust

The question’s not if, but when, will your internet go down. Even with redundancy put in place your internet connections are inherently flaky – this can be catastrophic for a quick service restaurant at peak time. But unlike other POS systems, all our systems runs completely offline – protecting your business. Running on our own secure WiFi network your iPad tills will continue to function without hesitation until the internet is restored and data can be sent up to the cloud reporting dashboard.  

QSR Clients
Cafe POS Clients
  • Online Ordering Integration. Increase your revenue overnight with POS integrated online ordering solutions. From conversion focused online ordering websites to new and innovative mobile solutions like BarPass & Pepper, we will help you transition into a truly digital brand.


  • Integrated CRM system. Keep track and reward your most loyal customers. With built in loyalty functionality you can assign points per product and per visit. Using the open API you can build more in-depth loyalty programs like Shoreditch Grind’s Black Card.

Beautifully Simple Hardware

Verifone PDQ Machines

Our EPOS systems are integrated with the Verifone VX 820 (cabled card machine) and VX 680 (wireless card machine) PDQ terminal. Merchant account agnostic and incredibly robust this device is perfect for high volume QSRs.

iPad POS Hardware

Elegant iPad POS stands and associated hardware keep the POS footprint to a minimum, keep your countertop free from distraction.

Kitchen Display Systems

The integrated, iPad based, Kitchen Display System includes sophisticated order and product routing, expedite screens and speed-of-service reports.

Digital Menu Boards

Leverage our integrated digital signage options for better menu visibility and upsells. Real-time, integrated digital menu boards.

Advantages of Bluebird’s EPOS systems

Real-Time Reporting

A host of web-based ePOS reports that are instantly available and accessible anywhere, at anytime.

Centralized Management

Manage and monitor your whole business, including all your sites, through a central management website.

Secure Cloud Computing

No longer need a back office server to store your data. The secure and backed-up online cloud stores it for you.

Scalable Solutions

From small businesses to large enterprises, Bluebird provides a personal, hands-on approach to supporting your business.

Always On

Always-On technology keeps your business running smoothly and without interruption in the event of internet cut out.


Connect your existing business systems with pre-built integrations like Xero, Magento & Quickbooks.

Customer Data

Identify, capture and reward your best customers with built-in functionality for loyalty schemes, CRM, social media and Yelp.

Local Support

Our local support team is based out of our central London office, always just a phone call away.

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