iPad POS for Retail

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Designed specifically for retail establishments, Bluebird’s Retail POS is the ultimate in quick, convenient and easy to use retail management software for brick and mortar, online or mobile retailers.

Bluebird’s iPad Retail POS is the ideal point of sale solution for your retail establishment. Our Retail software operates on Apple’s iPad, and sports an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing UI design, ensuring that your retail location’s point of sale is both stylish and efficient.

Revel Retail POS
Inventory Management

Track inventory accurately with a built-in inventory management module. Custom low stock warnings, purchase order generation and full barcode support makes it easy for you to run a successful retail business.

Real-Time Reports

Bluebird’s best-in-class suite of reports gives you the edge over competitors. Real-times sales data flows to the cloud so you can assess your store’s performance from anywhere.

CRM Database

Capture valuable details from your customers at the point of sale. Use your growing database to re-engage with customers, reward your most loyal supporters and understand purchasing habits on an individual basis.

Features and Advantages

Businesses can directly incorporate an eCommerce solution on the POS through the Shopify & Magento integrations. Omni-Channel retailing simplified. 

An extensive suite of data and reports enables owners and managers to keep track of sales, retail trends and inventory. Closely monitor your bestseller items, and the ones that are not, and tailor your purchasing decisions accordingly. Sales reports are also available on an individual employee basis in order to calculate commissions and individual productivity. Cloud-based and secure, these reports are available anytime, anywhere.

– Bluebird’s EPOS built-in CRM system allows you to keep track of loyal customers and their individual preferences, enabling you to build your customer loyalty base. You also have the possibility to integrate gift card and reward programs.

– Our iPad POS for retail offer mobile POS units — such as iPad Minis — enabling employees to check out customers outside the shopping lanes, as well as update inventory instantly, increasing your retail shop’s productivity and profitability at the same time.

– All of our EPOS Systems are both secure and efficient. Business owners can rest assured that their data is secure as our EPOS systems PCI compliant. Coupled with the secure Bouncepad iPad Kiosks, you can be safe in the knowledge your data is under your control.

– Bluebird’s iPad EPOS Offline Mode ensures that your business will not lose functionality during an Internet outage. Your POS will continue to process payments and run your retail business as usual.

-Bluebird’s iPad Retail EPOS solution is entirely scalable and grows as your business expands.

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Bluebird EPOS Systems Key Features

Real-Time Reporting

A host of web-based ePOS reports that are instantly available and accessible anywhere, at anytime.

Centralized Management

Manage and monitor your whole business, including all your sites, through a central management website.

Secure Cloud Computing

No longer need a back office server to store your data. The secure and backed-up online cloud stores it for you.

Scalable Solutions

From small businesses to large enterprises, Bluebird provides a personal, hands-on approach to supporting your business.

Always On

Always-On technology keeps your business running smoothly and without interruption in the event of internet cut out.


Connect your existing business systems with pre-built integrations like Xero, Magento & Quickbooks.

Customer Data

Identify, capture and reward your best customers with built-in functionality for loyalty schemes, CRM, social media and Yelp.

Local Support

Our local support team is based out of our central London office, always just a phone call away.

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