Payment Processing

Take Card Payments In-Store with POS Integrated & Mobile Terminals

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A Better Payments Experience

As a POS company, we often helped clients try to find a reliable, affordable and transparent payment processing provider. It wasn’t always very easy; hidden charges, expensive rates and confusing contracts caused headaches for our clients. We set out to change this. Navigating the confusing payments landscape, we’ve put together a clear, competitive payments solution focused on your business.

Bluebird Payments

Accept card payments over the counter and at the table with POS integrated Verifone credit card terminals. We take out the complexity of payment processing, offering a simple, competitive service.

POS Integration

Full integration with Revel, Kounta and other POS systems speeds up service and reduces error.

Payment Methods

Take payments in every way possible, from Chip & Pin to NFC and Apple Pay.

Transaction Reporting

Manage, reconcile and report on all your transactional activity in your personalised dashboard.


Countertop Terminals

Accept card payments over the counter with the POS integrated Verifone vx820 terminal. Perfect for fixed installations and high volume merchants you’ll recognise the vx820 from the largest high street retailers. Contactless enabled and Apple Pay Ready.

Verifone Countertop Payments

Portable Terminals

Take payments at the table or on the go, our mobile card terminal is perfect for restaurants, food trucks and everything in between. A dual WiFi and bluetooth network connection creates a robust link between terminal, POS and payment processor.

Verifone Mobile Terminal

POS Integration

Integration with your POS system means you’ll be able to take payments faster, reduce human error and enhance your reporting. Smart tokenisationTokenisation is PCI compliant, secure way of remembering a credit card’s details without storing the actual numbers. of credit cards enables you to identify and reward your best customers. With visit and purchase history shown to the server on the iPad whenever a credit card is recognised from previous visits.

Revel Payments Integration

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