Inventory Management Software

Online inventory software to keep your retail business running smoothly

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Built-In Inventory Management

Lightspeed POS includes a comprehensive inventory management system to help you manage products, stock levels and suppliers. Let Lightspeed take care of your inventory while you focus on running your business.

Product Matrices

Use product matrices to break down a specific SKU into different models, such as size and color.

Categories and Tags

Organize items into categories – like “shoes” – and tag items with common traits, such as “patent” or “sequins.”

Assembled Items

If you want some items to only be sold together, you can assemble individual items into a bundle with its own SKU.

Label Printing

Whenever you add new items to your inventory, new labels are automatically added to the label queue. Lightspeed Retail will print every new label at once.

Reorder Points

Set a custom reorder point and be automatically notified when you should order more of a particular item.

Purchase Orders

Complete a PO and fax, email, or if working with a vendor that’s integrated with Lightspeed Retail POS, submit directly over the web.

“The most beneficial aspect is the inventory management system because it’s critically important that we know what we have in stock at all times so we can optimize our sales.”

— Leica, NYC

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