Control costs and maximise your margins with SimpleOrder. The web and mobile based restaurant management software gives you complete visibility into your purchases, menu costings and inventory.


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Menu Costing

Track menu costs in real time with SimpleOrder. Create detailed recipes, enter wastage and multipliers to create suggested prices. Real time pricing keeps costs in check.


See all your previous invoices, track which staff submitted orders, who received the goods and discrepancies in any order.

Track Your Spending

SimpleOrder tracks your supplier spend to give you invaluable data on under & over spend, trends and waste.

Streamline Operations

Order from all your suppliers in one place. Place orders from the web or your mobile with live pricing information.

Graham Harris
Founder, Temptations Cafe

Graham opened Temptations Cafe in Highbury and Islington 3 years ago, quickly expanding to a second site in Clerkenwell.

Prior to using SimpleOrder he was using pen, paper and spreadsheets to keep track of his inventory and suppliers.

This was costing him time and money in ordering errors and miscommunication. Learn how SimpleOrder changed how Graham runs his business:

Real-Time Reporting
Track your Expenditure


Quickly understand how your purchasing costs
have changed over time with the SimpleOrder dashboard.

Analyse at a high level or drill down to individual suppliers
and products with fine-grained control over your reports.

Reports are generated in real-time and accessible from anywhere,
on any device.


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Manage all your Suppliers


SimpleOrder’s platform lets you keep track of all your orders, prices, invoices, credits and returns. Enjoy 24/7 real-time communication with your suppliers, get instant notifications on order status, product availability, prices and more.

Reuse old orders, create templates, set delivery times and update according to delivery.

It’s all just a couple of clicks click away, simply sign-up, enter your vendors and start ordering today.


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Attention To Detail

Real time notifications

Automatic updates on order progression keeps everyone on your team in the know, at all times.

Real Time Notifications
Organised Inventory

Organised inventory

Group products in the way it makes sense for your business. Order them as they appear in the stockroom for painless stock-takes.

Smart menu costing

Accurately and automatically calculate your recipe’s food costs with SimpleOrder Data is taken straight from your supplier’s pricing.

Smart Menu Costing